About Us

Vein was born out of a love and passion for the understated beauty of Scandinavian Style – and it is the inspiration for the apparel & accessories and home & interior items that we seek out and select to define our curated collection.

At Vein, designs names, both new and cherished, from Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, form the core of our Women’s, Men’s and Interior offerings. All are handpicked – chosen for a distinctive cut, an original shape or form, a unique print, an edgy detail, fabulous fabrics, or innovative materials – all hallmarks of modern classics.

Complementing these international brands is our occasional own in-house collection that exudes the same degree of stylish simplicity and low-key elegance – and together they complete our vision for Vein.

People in the same Vein…

The Vein patron enjoys a life of travel and thus possesses a wider view on the world of fashion, art and culture. She seeks quality, uniqueness, and personality in her attire that speaks to her desire to convey a portrait of intelligence rather than a study of wealth. For him, the idea of investing in good design is simply the thing to do.

Vein believes anything that is rare or difficult to come by constitutes a new form of luxury. Not only in a material sense, but as it relates to qualities from grace, taste, and peace of mind. Vein is here to provide these rare-to-finds.

We are your new retail rarity and shopping haven.


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